Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day

Earth Day is an important day for us to draw awareness to the way we care for (or don't care for) our Mother Earth. It is a day to thank Mother Earth for her many gifts to us. But, at Inner Spring Yoga, we think EVERY DAY should be Earth Day! Below are some of our instructors tips on how we can repay Mother Earth by living a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

Carrie says:

"I believe the single most important thing you can do to heal our planet is to adopt a plant-based diet!

 Each vegetarian saves over an acre of trees every year. We are destroying not only our U.S. forest land, but also the rainforest, at an alarming rate, all for the sake of raising cattle for food. More than half of the water consumed in the United States is used for raising animals for food.  It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce just one pound of hamburger.....that's over 250 five-minute showers for just one pound of meat. As a vegan, I could leave my tap running all day and not consume as much water as a meat eater.

Eating meat pollutes our air and our waters as well. Animal agriculture is responsible for over 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions....that's more than the entire transportation industry combined. One single hamburger patty requires enough fossil fuel to drive your car 20 miles! And animals on factory farms produce 87,000 pounds of waste PER SECOND (130 times the amount of excrement produced by the entire human population). Much of that waste flows into our our nations streams and rivers.

We all eat 3 or more times a day. If you really want to do something useful for the health of our planet change what's on your plate!"

Laura says:

"Use a glass or stainless steel water bottle, and carry it with you wherever you go. Drinking water is the #2 self-care non-negotiable, so you should be drinking lots of it!

I would also say, eat off of real plates and use real utensils. Avoid plastics at all meals. Carry re-usable dinnerware and utensils with you to potlucks and family gatherings and set an example for others to follow!"

  Cindy says:

"Let's go outside on Mother's Day. We'll sit down on the ground, dig a hole in the dirt and gently drop in a tomato plant. We'll love and care for it every day, helping it take root and grow. Then one day we'll pick the ripe fruit from it's vine, take a delicious bite, and let the miraculous juice run down our chin. We'll close our eyes, breathe, and say "Thank you Mother Earth. We are grateful.

Lydia says:

"Invite your favorite buddies over to celebrate the bounty of Mother Earth. She will blush with the love you harvest. Cook together, swap veggies, and make avocado face masks.

Also, adopt! Don't shop! So many sweet furry friends are in need of good homes.  Please don't support breeding more pets."

Anne says:

"Breastfeed at least up to 6 months. Breast milk is a renewable resource and creates no pollutants. Plus, it's the most nutritionally sound food you can give to your baby!

And, use cloth diapers. Over 18 billion disposable diapers are thrown into landfills each year....and they aren't biodegradable!

There's a learning curve with both of these suggestions, for sure......but both are worth the effort!"

Perla says:

"Be a conscious grocery shopper! Shop at local farmer's markets whenever possible. Use your reusable grocery bags! Use less plastic! Decompose your leftover vegetable and fruit scraps into the soil for less trash build-up. And of course, lean toward a more vegan/vegetarian diet. One step at a time. It doesn't get easier, you only get better!"

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